White House Market: Case study of the largest Darknet Market in Western Darknet

@Ghostwrite - Mar 11 2021

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A Darknet market is an illegal enterprise operating on darkweb featuring multi-vendor drug and fraud shops connecting sellers with buyers, where transactions are managed by the market owner. The honour of first online drug market goes to the Farmer Market, which was seized in Operation Adam Bomb after law enforcement agencies traced the site's Western Union and PayPal transactions right to the owner just a few short years before Silk Road went live. After Silk Road (February, 2011 - October, 2013), there has been countless Darknet markets, most of them are defunct now. Western Darknet scene is highly unstable after the retirement of Dream Market. Currently, there are around 35 active darknet markets. All of these supports cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoin(btc) and monero(xmr), whilst WHM only supports monero.


White House Market has become the largest and one of the most popular marketplace on the hidden Internet, allowing members to buy and sell drugs and digital goods. Launched on August 24, 2019, about 6 million people has used White House Market. An estimated 3,190 vendors make most of their living by selling on White House Market. White House Market offers an online platform where thousands of items are traded each day. WHM was created with the objective to offer a secure and stable Darknet marketplace for vendors and buyers while making money in the process. WHM’s business model is not traditional, becoming top market without supporting bitcoins and enforcing high security standards, have attracted researchers.

Factors which helped WHM in taking crown on Darknet.

Attractive Name The site admin picked an attractive name for the market. It’s inspired from Breaking Bad, a popular TV series, every one loves Walter White, market admin picked the right name. Not just name, White House Market has very original motto: Make Darknet Safe again, which was appreciated by Darknet users.

Unique business model Clearly site admin did a good research before launching the site. Before White House Market almost every market was charging both vendors and buyers on each transaction made on the site. White House Market launched with a business model of not charging a single penny from buyers and making his profit from sellers. This has attracted buyers towards the site, buyers did not have to pay extra for their items. WHM also launched with strong security standards, such as, forced pgp communications and compulsory Monero transactions. After the seizure of Wall Street Market, which was followed by multiple vendor busts, security researchers were promoting forced PGP and Monero transactions. This worked in WHM’s favour and it got quick attention and vouches from security loving freaks. Veteran members of Darknet flock to WHM.

Media Attention Due to unique business model and high security standard for the users, the market got attention from media. Bitcoin.com wrote two articles about the market, which gained attention from other security researchers and media.

Quick Indexing on Darknet gateways White House Market was very quickly indexed on darknet gateways, like Dark.Fail and Darknet.Live. Both of these sites have good traffic and following on Darknet. Once a market is listing on thsse platforms, vendors start trusting the market, these sites also give good number of buyers for a Darknet market.

Darknet collective WHM believes in honest business and collaborations. The site admin seemed confident about the business model. Market made Darknet collective, which is used for intel sharing between certain market owners. This kind of collaboration was never done before. This created peace and stability on Darknet.

Stability and uptime DDoS attacks against hidden services are very common. Every darknet market has to encounter heavy DDoS attacks. WHM has best uptime since 2019. It was never down for straight 24 hours. When WHM was launched every market was struggling against heavy DDoS attacks, although, WHM was able to withstand all DDoS attacks. Darknet users love uptime, vendors need regular business and buyers do not want to wait for the drugs. Every darknet user demands a DDoS free market, WHM provides an alternative to prolonged downtime of markets. Hence, it became the biggest factor behind WHM’s explosive growth.

Vouches from Dread admins WHM uptime impressed everyone, including Dread co-admin, Paris. Paris started working with WHM administrator on an anti-DDoS tool, which would protect markets against DDoS attacks. The tool was launched later and was named Endgame. Since, WHM contributed in creation on Endgame: Anti DDoS tool, it got huge appreciations from community members. Moreover, Dread admins have always been strongly vouching for site admins skills. Since, Dread is the largest Darknet forum to date, vouches from site admins contributed a lot in the rapid growth of WHM. WHM was also provided a default subdread on Dread, for the contributions in creation of Endgame.

Exitscams Exitscams are the biggest factor in any market’s growth. A new market does not make profit until it gets refugees from defunct(exitscams, LE intervention or other reasons). WHM’s growth was quite slow at the beginning after many exitscams and market gaining trust over time it accelerated. The market grew after Apollon exitscam, although, Empire was already the biggest market, users needed a stable market, Empire was famous for downtime and slow support, WHM was next choice for Darknet users. After Apollon exitscam, it became a mainstream market and traffic started increasing massively. However, WHM became number one market after Empire Market exitscam and Dark Market seizure. Even after Empire Market exitscam, WHM got some competition from Deep Sea Market and Icarus Market, as they attracted huge traffic, however, both markets did not last long and left a huge vacuum which was filled by WHM.


Ak4u90 (5 stars):
Good to see another beauty standing.
sommm (5 stars):
So irresponsible of them to just shut the website with no reason at all. Now I can't buy drugs. First world problems.
ya boy (5 stars):
Long live WHM

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