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@Ghostwrite - Feb 24 2021

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Torum was a non-profit and absolutely free cyber security and hacking forum built on the grounds of "offering shelter to people looking for home". It was established in May 2017 and boasts a member count of over 130k within three years. Torum shutted down in mid 2020.

The administrator of site always kept it free and open for the fraudsters and hackers looking for a home on the Darknet. Admin never liked the idea of registration fees and privileged sections for paid users. At the time Torum was launched, almost every other hacking forum was charging registration fees. Torum provided an alternative to all those aspiring fraudsters and hackers, who either were not able to afford the fee or were against the idea of promotion monetisation of information and knowledge on hacking. Due to Torum admin's innovative thinkings, other established forums back then had great dislike against the him/her, with some rivalry admins launching DDoS attacks against Torum. After a year of complete silence, Torum started growing back in 2019, getting attention from cyber criminals and refugees of other defunct forums, such as KickAss, Exodu$. Around March 2019, the forum was DDoSed heavily with the attacker demanding 10 btc to stop the attacks. The admin closed the forum for a month and came back stronger. After that forum grew faster compared to all other Darknet forums.

Torum had a market area for hiring hackers or offering hacking services. The marketplace also had intel sharing and gathering sections. The admin made no business in the market sections and allowed/encouraged users to deal directly. Our readers should understand that almost 99 percent of hacking services offered on Darknet are scams, finding a legit hacker even on the Darknet is one of the most difficult task. We will write more about it in new articles. The same thing happened on Torum, most users who tried to hire hackers were scammed. Many users requested for an escrow service, Torum moderators took responsibility for holding escrow as a trusted third party. This approach worked for the buyers but created lots of conflicts and issues, hence many negativity opinions appeared, especially from sellers.

Torum did not even accept donations, admin managed all the server costs himself, which is very rare to see on the Darknet. Torum ran successfully for three years and at the time of closing Torum had 130K registered users, which made it second biggest forum on English Darknet after Dread.

Alternative theories about Torum

Some researchers and Darknet users accused Torum being Empire Market's head moderator, Se7en. Site admin was also accused of hiring DDoS attacks against some other Darknet forums. Some crazy Darknet users and trolls even worked on weird conspiracy theories such as Torum forum was run by law enforcement agencies.


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