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@Pygmalion - Oct 10 2021

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Pygmalion: What products do you offer to our community?

Jaribootiwalla: My username is Jaribootiwalla. That means seller of herbs in Urdu, Nepali and Hindi. I like the idea to wake up the zombies to the natures pharmacy, and not compromise on purity. Yes, there is Pandoras Box of chems and synthetics. They can never heal the soul like herbs...

The highlights in my catalog are Raw Opium and Nepali Hashish. The latter we call pollen. It is sieved and pressed top grade pollen.
I also offer Indian Himalayan Charas, the ultimate in balanced satvic nasha. Charas is hand rubbed flowers, artisanal made, the black gold.
Charas is a type of handmade cannabis concentrate often confused with hash. However, there is one key difference between charas and ordinary hash: charas is made from a live cannabis plant, whereas hash is made from dead, dried cannabis plant material.
The best strains are coming from Paravati valley where there are many village productions having different strains and growing conditions and people rubbing the flowers.
Recently I also started to offer a select range of Pharma products.
But my core product is always high altitude unadulterated hash. It is my blood and my way of life. I am Charsi my entire adult life and can source with precision to get the authentic uncut maal. People need to understand and appreciate that it is the medicine of these herbal products that can help society to get through this Kali Yuga(dark age). Let's hope that we can continue to make this medicine accessible to the global community despite the united government's efforts to destabilise us with terror and violence.
We are peaceful and will remain so, even in the face of their oppressive intentions.
A Charsi is a person who smokes charas , usually in chillum (clay pipe). It is a devotion for the life. Charsi exclusively stay in this charas high, morning til night. We call it the Nasha, the zone. Many Babas, like wandering ascetics, are Charsi, and mostly they are highly respected in the society.

Bulk of our operation is located in Nepal. We also have a network of our shipping team in India. Most small orders and Pharma products are shipped from India and bulk hash,Opium from Nepal.
We ship worldwide except the subcontinent.

Pygmalion: What markets are you on?

Jaribootiwalla: Currently we are on Versus, Whitehouse,Torrez,Darkode,World,Archetyp and Alphabay markets

Pygmalion: What is it like where you live?

Jaribootiwalla:Nepal is beautiful and drammatic and harsh. China makes a big presence raising our kids on their toys. Nepal people are very strong, and they sacrifice alot, working in other countries to send home money. We also got hit with the earthquake and that was the worst tragedy of a lifetime to witness.

Pygmalion: What brought you first to the darknet?

Jaribootiwalla: Oh, I am an old veteran who has been around long before the inception of the DNMs as we know them today.
The evolution of the old days of clearnet private forums is still a dear memory to me. Still, I look at those innocent days with nostalgia.
Coming here to the Darknet was inevitable and it opened up a lot of possibilities along, but it came with a lot of dangers that didn't exist in the old days.
There are many more dirty tricks around now. There is no longer a community of trust and friendships like in the old era of the clearnet forums.
Paranoia is now a passenger behind the screen.

Pygmalion: What were your biggest challenges as a vendor?

Jaribootiwalla: Being vendor is like sitting naked in a cell with a blindfold on, shitting in your pants, lol. You are exposed to God knows who, feel vulnerable as hell and yet need to stay sharp and organized to detect the random particle collisions of inquiries and dealings from all sides. You need to have a very strong mental anchor to stay sane. Know your product and be able to handle the entire spectrum of human psychiatry. That said some of the most incredible connections can be made in this cyber darkroom, and of course its always an addictive kick to hear when a booty lands and the client is happy.To me vending is like a social service but with lot of thrill in the process.

It has never been easier and yet never been more risky to enter this scene, I wish for everyone to focus on their security in the interests of the whole body and the community. We are the resistance in this darke age Kali Yuga of oppression. We are here to defend the honour of our individual freedom of choice.

Pygmalion: Can you elaborate more what you mean with “resistance”?

Jaribootiwalla: You need to listen to someone like Yeonmi Park, who escaped North Korea, talk about another far out version of the human existence. It cannot evan be called living, to be in complete living hell which is engineered from your birth to early death by a totalitarian regime and psycho nutcase.
It made me wake up some more about what is actually possible to survive. Yenomi reveals a vital point, that you can only resist if you know you are oppressed, and there in North Korea, the totalitarianism is SO complete, that all of its perversions and brutalities are just normal to the people. So... to know you are conditioned, controlled, programmed,exploited, commodified and denied opportunity of free thought and speech, is already quite far up in the freedom chart. Knowledge is power.

Language is the primary concept we need to enable freedom in our brains. The foundation of resistance to all forms of authoritarianism is to first be lucky enough to have concept of individual rights, and an internal moral sense of what is right and wrong. How we resist is a matter of choice. Harming others is not the right way. Violently, we are not resisting the correct demon. Peace is the only way.
Fortunately, the Darknet has given us a channel to connect with one another and defy a state machinery which tells us we cannot access or ingest whatever material we wish to.
Here, we no longer have to eat their bullshit and can create our own community and philosophy, outside of their reach. That is why they are out there, hunting us. We are a threat to their imperialist mindset that they try to impose on us. Many vendors and admins have been put in prison or even killed, like the former admin of Alphabay Alexander Cazes.

Resistance is the mindset of those who feel they are wronged.

Pygmalion: When you say Kali, dark age, what do you mean with that? I thought this age was pretty dope compared to previous ones.

Jaribootiwalla: Well, it is good you see the positive. Historical assessment from our tiny lifetime reveals that the comfort levels are at an all time high. From the perspective of subjective reality people are actually not happy, or spiritually connected at all.

In the golden paradise ages, many thousand years ago, people had developed huge memory capacity, their bodies were fit and robust not polluted. There was abundance and no possession. I am talking about times way before the stone age when people lived as one with nature.
To give you an example of ancient knowledge that was explored by science: We found an example of that with the aboriginies in Australia. They have oral anecdotes telling of a great catastrophe that flooded their homelands. Scientists found that this flood happened 18 thousand years ago, and people are still talking about it to teach their children humility and preparation.
That kind of memory capacity is lost. Most people don't even know the names of all their grandparents, let alone their great grandparents and so on.

In Eastern calendar we talk massive timelines called yuga or age, so dark or kali yuga is going on since 5000yrs already and like 4 million still to go. So all your Western historical 'middle ages' is a blip in the Kali Yuga and 'middle' of what, I don't know :). It is not to say there are not remarkable people living in the current Yuga, but the expansion contraction cycle of the cosmos time frames shows a downward spiral of destruction in all directions in this Yuga. The affluence that some of us feel is built on a lie, built on environmental destruction and non sustainable sell out.

Television is example of mental hypnosis. It flattens, and simplifies reality and creates this artificial world that people stare at 5 hours a day. Youtube and social media are a further extension of that fake fantasy life.
There is very strong sickness in humanity, rooted in all the deadly sins. People are depressed, full of craving, and normalizing a low level of ugly individualistic behavior.
This ignorance is the darkness I speak of. Now in the Kali Yuga. The age of ignorance and darkness.

Pygmalion: Would you not agree that the individual is in charge of their own subjective views?
I hold the opinion that the collective good or bad in this world is a result of many individuals making individual choices. With every single one of your actions we either put more badness or more goodness into this world. Obviously it's not as black and white as that, just trying to make my abstract thought more clear through the language of Karma.

Jaribootiwalla: Of course, We are in agreement brother. The main teaching of Buddha is that we only have one subjective reality. Our actions are driven by roots of good and bad intentions.There is always choice between the two in every single action (thought /word/ deed)
Suffering is a result of our cravings for pleasent sensory inputs which are very temporary phenomena, so we keep loosing them and need more, nothing satisfies. This arises from the ego identity of self.A spiritual path examines the subjective reality to see how we create it for ourselves.
We are born with human settings of greed, hatred, that lead to resource disputes, war, oppression, exploitation etc.

Pygmalion: We need a spiritual revolution.
The ego of greed needs to be dissolved. People need to become one with the Tao again. :)

Jaribootiwalla: Truth put into simple words, brother. Boom.
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I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at pygmalion@infantile.us.
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Put a contact as no vendor exists with this username. The article is so good I reread it twice.

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