Dread: The Largest Western Darknet Forum

@Ghostwrite - Mar 5 2021

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Dread is a free to join Reddit style onion website hosted on Darknet, which is promoting free speech and educating users about counter culture, encryption, privacy, anonymity, crypto-currency, hacking, cyber-security, drugs and harm reduction. Dread was created as an onion and non Javascript alternative to Reddit when most Darknet Market related subreddits were banned on Reddit. It was created by Hugbunter, who is an anonymous hacker. Before launching Dread, site admin and creator, has pentested some of the biggest Darknet Markets and helped them in fixing bugs and securing their systems. Hugbunter had also hacked some of the unestablished markets with a justification that markets were not taking their security seriously, which was putting market users at risk. Hugbunter(pseudonym) is an established coder, pentested and programmer and a well-known Darknet user who is owning one of the most popular darkweb forums to date.

Dread is a very useful forum for newbies and researchers gallivanting on Darknet. Like we write in our previous article.Dread is semi-decentralised forum. Some members using Dread are very knowledgeable and have lots of experience about Darknet. Veteran members identifies scam services faster and actively warn less intellectually fortunate individuals. Dread members can give right and sometimes unbiased opinion about anything, such as next market exitscamming, which vendors do selective scamming, markets run by previous scam admins, suspicious darknet sites, right ethical hacker/programmer to hire, OpSec guides, reviewing a new service, harm-reduction guides, and much more. However, accessing Darknet is always risky, losing money is trivial, even most experienced users are scammed/busted/hacked/doxxed/extorted/ and in some cases killed. Although Dread is full of intellectuals and altruistic veteran members, this is also home of tricksters, scammers, blackmailers, extortionists, fraudsters, investigators, law enforcement officials-both open and hidden(in next articles we will explain how state actors operate on forums) and people offering Ponzi schemes. Veteran members can not always safe everyone, your security is in your hands, one should always follow safety guidelines(we will write in next articles) and always use common sense.

Dread has a score system which is used for creating subdread(subcommunities), users use subdreads to advertise and more outreach for their services, both profit and non-profit resources. Any registered user can create a subdread, if his/her score is around 50 and is atleast one month old on Dread. The Dread subdreads can be categorises into default and non-default subdreads. Default subdread, are which are shown on the frontpage to all logged out users.At this time of writing Dread has 861 subdread.

Appended is a small list of some default subdreads on Dread forum.

/d/Dread, is the official community for Dread announcements, discussion, and feedback. Only posts related to Dread are allowed. Dread staff manually approve posts before public posting. This subdread has 207,494 subscribers.

/d/DarkNetMarkets, is a subdread, where discussion about Darknet markets and vendors are allowed. New markets are announced on this subdread. As of writing it has 32,186 subscribers.

d/DankNation, is a user-driven subdread, which is mainly for Cannabis lovers. Cannabis vendors are allowed to post their ads after verification. This is a very popular subdread on Dread.

/d/HarmReduction, is a substance testing sub community on Dread. Dread staff members encourage harm reduction practice for safer drug usage.

d/TheMajesticGarden, this is an official subdread for The Majestic Garden, which is a Psychedelic Darknet forum and a marketplace allowing direct dealing but only for top vendors.

/d/DarknetMarketsNoobs, is a subdread run by moderators of /d/DNMs. It is for general and technical questions about using DNMs, specially for newbs buying drugs from Darknet markets.

/d/OpSec, this is a user-driven community for the discussion about OPSEC (Operational Security). OpSec is very important for darknet users. Someone not taking their OpSec seriously, is not considered a good darknet user.

/d/Cannazon, is an established market for Cannabis lovers. Dread has given it a defaul subdread as it’s one of the oldest darknet market.

/d/Recon, is an another service run by Dread staff. It’s a multi-vendor and multi-market search engine.

d/CafeDread, is a user-driven community, which is totally legal subdread on Dread. Users post strange but funny stories and jokes, as well as their personal life experiences. d/CafeDread is liked by every Dread user.

/d/EnergyControl,is the official subdread of Energy Control International (https://energycontrol-international.org/). It provides Harm Reduction and Drug Checking for cryptomarket users since 2014.

/d/privacycoins, is a community for the discussion about privacy coins and crytocurrency coins. Monero and other privacy coins: ZCash, Grin, Beam are discussed there.

/d/Versus, is the official subdread for Versus Market, which is the only forced MS market on Darknet.

d/WhiteHouseMarket, is the official subdread for White House Market. It is biggest cryptocurrecy market on Darknet.


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