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@Ghostwrite - Apr 11 2021

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article image Darkdotfail( is very popular link directory and veteran members vouch for its legitimacy and credibility. It lists and provides legit links of popular cryptocurrency markets, cryptoexchange sites, VPN services for browsing Darknet, hidden darkweb forums, market specific search engines;recon and kilos, email services, drug vendor shop services, hidden hosting providers, news and onion links of social media sites, and many other hidden services along with some government run hidden services. According to Darkdotfail, he does not vouches for any site listed on his website and his resource is only intended for researchers mean serving as a gateway to direct darknet researchers at darknet sites. Dark(dot)fail is operational since 2018 and it has never provided any phishing link, which speaks for its credibility. It’s not a decentralized service and run by a self-claimed anonymous journalist researching Tor. It is important to note that there are many state and independent threat actors always trying to hack popular Tor sites. Same holds true for, a user must not consider anything as primary source of information.

In this article we will list all cryptocurrency markets listed on Apart from some popular markets(White House Market, Versus Market, Cannazon Market, Monopoly Market and Hydra Market) which were mentioned in this article, we will mention about newly listed Darknet Markets.

ASAP Market Previously known as Asean Market, ASAP is another market listed on It was launched around a year ago, unlike other markets launched at that time exit-scammed (Square Market, Pax Romana Market, Deep Sea Market, Icarus Market), ASAP Market has survived continuous DDoS attacks and hacking attempts. ASAP Market owners provide independent vendor shops for Darkweb vendors and market has added Dead Drop app. ASAP Market is not the biggest market but it’s a popular crypts-currency market.

World Market World Market was launched nearly five months ago and it has gone through many ups and downs. This market was banned on Dread and many veteran Dread members believed that it will never survive any longer. World Market did not close the shop and continued darknet operations. Recently, market is listed on, which has surprised a lot of darknet users. Indexing on has given some credibility to the market, however, many users at Dread still warns about the market. World Market has grown rapidly and it’s one of the biggest Darknet Market now.

Daeva Market Daeva Market is a year old market and it’s recently indexed on Daeva Market is offline since a long time and Dread co-admin Paris has locked market subdread.

Aurora Market Aurora Market is another newly launched market and it’s recently indexed on Aurora Market is still growing, it’s not one of the biggest market, albeit, some darknet vendors believe that it’s a promising market. Aurora Market trusts services provided by Dread admins and it’s the first market using Endgame v2 protection.

Cannahome Market Cannahome Market is a comparatively older cryptocurrency market, supporting Multi Signature bitcoin payments. Cannahome Market was inspired from an old OG market.

Dark0dereborn Market Dark0dereborn Market has no known relation with Dark0de Market(An infamous hacking forum and malware market). This market is either inspired from original Dark0de: hacking forum and marketplace or used the name for a gaining attention on Darknet. Dark0de Market is still growing, however, it has attracted major Darknet vendors.

Televend Televend is a multi-vendor telegram shops. The platform is attracting telegram users and growing fast. However, many veteran members criticize these shops as these shops as they are catering to clearnet users, which is comparatively unsafe for the buyers.

ToRRez Market ToRRez Market was launched at the same time when ASAP Market was launched. However, ToRRez Market is much larger than ASAP Market and most of it’s competitors. Darkdotfail listed ToRRez Market way earlier than most other markets, which helped the market in growing faster. ToRRez Market owner does not like Dark0de Market and suspects them behind DDOS attack at their platform.

Tor Market Tor Market is another market listed on This market does not have any subdread on Dread. Market is targeting a small section of darknet users.


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