Computer hacking and types of hackers

@Ghostwrite - Mar 1 2021

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Computer hacking is the process of exploiting computer systems for unauthorised access to or control over computer programs, files and private network inside computer systems. Computer hacker/s is any person or a group performing hacking and illegally breacking into computers. After successfully taking control over a computer, computer hackers- steals data, destroy private files, install their own malwares and viruses, lock out authorised user from accessing the system or encrypt the system with ransomwares. Many hackers get access to computers to monetize the hack. Hack can be monetized in various ways, some of those are getting bug bounty from the computer company, selling user’s data somewhere(mainly hackers sell it on darknet hacking forums ) and extorting or blackmailing the victim. The cybercriminals performing such acts are called black hats. While in theory anything can be hacked; howbeit, hacking is very difficult and requires greater expertise when it comes to reality. Hacking becomes an obsolete concept when target is equally experienced and enlightened on internet security and privacy. In next article we will cover few common hacking methods and how you could save yourself from getting hacked. Today, in this article we’re going to talk about so called “types of hackers”. Actually, a hacker is simply a person who illegally breaks into computers. However, society and media has categorised hackers into these three themes:

Black Hats

When you search for the definition of a black hat hacker you might end up reading over a dozen of articles mentioning that hackers who write malware to infiltrate computer networks are known as black hats. This is not exactly true and provides a narrow sense of hacking. In reality, anyone writing a malware can be a hacker but every malware developer is not a black hat hacker. So called “types of hackers” generally gives false sense of information for the readers. Knowledge of anything is not illegal, actions are illegal. Someone writing and using malwares to close illegal sites on Darknet is not illegal. Similarly, hacking and doxxing site admins of scamming sites by using malwares is not illegal. However, using the malwares to hack innocents, breaking into others computers, and threatening victims for leaking confidential information or extorting them for money, is highly unethical and illegal. Such hackers are called black hats. While we protest against the use of such words, Darknethub researchers call them, cyber criminals.

White Hats

So called “ethical hackers” are known as White Hats. Between our readers and us, no hack is ethical, hence there are no such thing like white hats. This group of hackers are very cautious about their freedom, albeit, no law breaking. They generally perform pentesting services with a a proper legal permission. This group of individuals loves glory over money. They like attention and blogging. In simple words, cyber security experts who does not break any legal laws whist performing hacking, are know as White hat hackers.

Grey Hats

Humans are very subjective. There is nothing like purely good or purely bad. Hacking is mostly grey. You found a vulnerability in a system and you start hacking it for research purpose or just to find new solutions of the discovered vulnerability. While this group hacks into systems but their intentions are not malicious or to extort victims. These are called Grey Hats. Cyber criminals, don’t just illegally break into computers and threaten victims. Many of them breaks illegally into computers but protect users by fixing the vulnerabilities and bugs, which at the first place, allow them to exploit a system. This group of hackers, generally loves anonymity and privacy. They create free and open source softwares, contribute in non for profit digital projects, such as, tails, linux, Tor browser, PGP key, cryptocurrency, etc.

Although, these definitions should not be taken very seriously other than understanding that motives and legality of hackers determine their category.


Elliott (3 stars):
Being a hacker I can say you have defined it right.

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