The Invisible Internet Project

@Flamingo - Mar 19 2021

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You may have heard in passing about something called the Invisible Internet Project. The pioneers of this project, the simply-named I2P Team and its head, the pseudonymous Zzz, are hard at work attempting to create the next big hidden network.

Utilizing end-to-end encryption over approximately 50-60,000 I2P-utilizing computers worldwide (known in common terminology as "I2P nodes"), the I2P router software encrypts, transmits, and anonymizes all data sent over it, losing anything worth tracking in a sea of possible paths, which also changes every ten minutes. A number of compatible softwares can be set up to tunnel through I2P's network, from browsers to IRC clients to torrent programs.

One of the most popular features of I2P is the "garlic network", so named as a parody of Tor's "onion network", hidden services using .onion TLDs that are almost impossible to unmask or track if configured correctly. I2P's garlic network, however, instead uses .i2p domain names, colloquially called "eepsites".

First launched in 2003, I2P has had only a fraction of the usage and testing of its cousin Tor, but its fanbase is growing, helped in part by futurist users of Tor during times of severe DDoS, including the recent consensus attacks that knocked all V3 Tor services offline. In 2015, a large community gathering of I2P supporters met up in an event named I2PCon.

However, I2P isn't all perfection. In 2014, an unknown group exploited an 0day in the I2P software and deanonymized approximately thirty thousand users. In the aftermath, the developers rushed to release a fix and to review their code to prevent it happening in the future, but as with all software, there always remains the chance of future exploits being discovered at any point in time. Users should always do their research before relying on any type of software for their own security.
Interested in learning more about I2P? Read up on it and download some of the tools at the official website.


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