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@Pygmalion - Jun 22 2021

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Dear Community,

I present to you Grownwithlove. They are a fairly new vendor with big plans who does things differently.
They are known for their high quality mushroom chocolate edibles. In an effort to support his advances in breaking new grounds, we decided to conduct an interview with them.

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Here it is!

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Q: Hey man, how is it going? Finally we were able to connect. You must be very busy!

Yeah, actually! I have a beautiful problem, which is growth management. My business is growing a lot and so I have to scale up my operation. It brings a lot of interesting challenges!
I turn out about 20 boxes/week but I closed a deal for 75 boxes, hoping it'll be repeat business! But no room for screw ups. It's a good opportunity to test production capacity.

Q: What constitutes a box?

A: A box contains 12 pieces of chocolate. Each piece contains 0.35g mushroom flour.

We have six peanut/honey cores. Three are dipped in 38% cocoa chocolate covered with a butterscotch drizzle. The mix between butterscotch and the Reese like flavor of the core has made a lot of fans. For those who prefer dark chocolate, there are three covered in 72% Venezuelian dark chocolate covered with a candied almond. Those are my personal favorites.
Then we have 6 Coffee liquor truffles. 3 are dipped in 38% cocoa chocolate and 3 in 72%. It took me a lot of trial and error to tweak it to perfection but those bites are to die for. All are dipped in perfectly tempered chocolate so the chocolate coating snaps under your bite before the truffle core melts in your mouth.
People have a certain idea of what magic chocolates can taste like. When they taste my chocolates, they can't believe that something this good will make you feel so beautifully high in a couple of minutes.

Q: Ah, so one box contains enough for one solid trip?

A: Yeah, it's perfect for dosage management. With the sugar, fats and cocoa, the 0.35g is pretty well delivered. My customers like an easy to manage dosage and 0.35g is just on the spot. On an empty stomach, the magic will hit you surprisingly fast. Sometimes as fast as 20min and then you're surprised them smooth giggles and tingles.

Q: Why these sophisticated chocolates?

Well, it kinda happened by accident. I was just messing around the kitchen one day trying to whip up something to make mushrooms a bit easier to eat. Then I watched a video on chocolate making... Then another one. And another one.
I got so addicted I actually reached out to get in touch with a professional chocolatier. Next thing I know, we're a month later, spent a few dollars on professional equipment and spent hours watching videos, making test batches. You can't imagine how many trials and errors I went through to temper chocolate. I tried so many different recipes. It became a bit of an obsession.
When I gave it to a friend, his first reaction was to ask how much I was selling them for. From there on, I went full berzerk on chocolate making and visited a bunch of chocolate shops for a little industrial espionnage.
Than I saw how much of a premium people were paying for shroom chocolates online. It's a bit of a rip off, if I may be so blunt. You pay a lot for cheap chocolate, melted and mixed with shroom powder for an approximate dosage. I felt like the market would like to have a bit more refinement for the money.

I also have a hazlenut chocolate spread that is pretty sweet and more affordable.

And I'm working on Oreo bites.... yeah, OREOS!!!!! Made few prototypes with rum and coconut flavor, dipped in chocolate and covered with a peanut brittle... Out of this world.

Q: Do you have any plans to put other things in your chocolate. THC maybe?

A: I'm not closed to the idea. The thing is, I'm also the grower behind the mushrooms. If I want to get THC, I need to step outside of my expertise. Then I will have to rely on someone else's product, therefore losing some quality control over my production and introducing an area in which I have little expertise. Right now I understand what I'm dealing with and I 100% involved in every single step of the chain of production/transformation.
That being said, I've been approached by producers and when I have a bit more spare time, I might spend some R&D efforts to create some shroom/THC goodies.
To be honest, between the bulk growing, product transformation, research and development and all the other stuf that you have to go through as vendor, I don't want to spread my time too thin.
In life I am not too much of a control freak, but for my job it's different. The idea of delivering a subpar product abhors me. I got addicted to positive feedbacks from my local customers. I want it to be the same online.

Q: You used to have bulk listings for whole mushrooms. Now I only see the items under 1oz. Why is that?

A: As my productions cycles complete and orders go out, my mushroom stocks fluctuate. Since I don't outsource mushroom production I need to maintain sufficient stocks to produce chocolates, Shroomtella, etc. As soon as I finish harvesting a batch, I usually put a few listings for half pounds and pounds. I usually have the best prices around for bulk so that's why they fly off the shelves.

Q: Plans for the future?

A: Growing evermore efficiently, producing a greater variety of edibles, maintain same quality standards. Get the proper equipmement for top notch mushroom extract..... and maybe skydive naked?



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