Sorry, you can not hire a hacker without getting scammed

@Ghostwrite - Mar 11 2021

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In the past three months, we’ve studies more than one thousand standalone sites offering hacking services, both on Clearnet and Darknet. Some sites are even reviewing fake hackers and at the same time providing email address of alternative “hackers” and vouching for them. Our readers should know that the hackers these websites refer are also scammers. These websites are run by scammers and they mislead the readers in hiring themselves. If you’re wondering why actual hackers and governments don’t close such scam websites. The answer is very simple, legit hackers are very busy and do not have time to bother with those websites, governments don’t bother because the victims never report those websites. Furthermore, if few websites are closed, scammers will always start new websites. Scammers have endless time to do this whilst legit persons/agencies have endless good things to do, rather than chasing scammers. You can’t close all scam sites and scammers are defrauding innocent people daily. There is always someone finding hackers on online, without knowing that he/she is going to get scammed. This article is an attempt to create awareness against fake hackers, websites and news sites.

Hacking is an actual skill and computer hackers exist and some of them use Hacking forums on Darknet. However, actual hackers are not free to work on your hacking requests. Hacking is a criminal offence of illegally breaking into computers, websites ,mobile phones, social media accounts and email addresses. Using encryption is trivial to remain vigilante and roam free without getting caught. Legit hackers are very cautious about security and privacy, unlike clearnet scammers using gmail addresses without vpn or tor, they use highly secure encryption tools, such as PGP key, Tor browser, Privacy coins, Jabber with OTR encryption, Tails and Whonix. People offering illegal hacking services by advertising themselves on clearnet sites, social media, quora, reddit, facebook and commenting on news articles related to hacking, are all scammers. Real hackers are very paranoid about their freedom and they avoid clearnet at all costs. Scammers agree to every hacking request, such as hacking into Instagram, facebook, whatsapp, wiping credit card debt, hacking into back accounts, grade changing, deleting criminal history and court cases. However, all these kind of service requests never attract legit hackers. The chance of successfully completing such jobs, is not just extremely hard, howbeit, nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Whatsapp zerodays costs couple of millions and we do not think anyone charging 1000 dollars for hacking a whatsapp account has millions to buy zerodays. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg has millions to hire best developers on the planet Earth, to reverse engineer zerodays and any other vulnerability. Our readers should know that a hacker can not do anything if there are no known vulnerabilities in a site or an application. This is the reality of hacking, no-one will ever tell you. Most of the time, media writing attractive articles about hackers overemphasize everything. Authors do not have any know-how of hacking. Not just news articles, Hollywood movies and TV series, also portrait very special images of hackers, such as, pro-hacking skills of Elliot Alderson in Mr. Robot. There is no doubt hackers are special and in most of time hackers can hack anything connected to internet. However, reality is very different. Cyber Criminaling is not easy as it used to be a decade ago. Technology is getting advanced day by day, simultaneously, hacking is becoming obsolete. That’s another reason, you can not hire potential hackers on clearnet without getting scammed and losing your funds over and over again until you’re bankrupt.

Although, hacking is a very wide field and importance of hacking will never be replaced. In next articles, we will discuss about it in more details.


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