A little Q&A with NamasteLSD

@Pygmalion - Jul 11 2021

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Dear Community,

I had the honor of conducting a little interview with the prominent vendor NamasteLSD.
This is their support account NamasteLSD.

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Q: You're a representative of NamasteLSD. Can you tell me what your role is?

A: My role is to handle PR and also Customer Support, I spend most of my day replying questions from customers and assisting them with their future orders.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your products?

A The substances we sell are sourced from the best labs/importers based in Europe. We have very high criteria when we source product. We only sell the best of the best to our customers.
That is how we were able to make ourselves a name. Our brand is known for the high quality substances.
Admittedly, we've lacked in shipping speed in the past. We have gone through great lengths to fix this and we hope to become known as the vendor with the quickest shipping turnover along with our high quality products.

Q: What does LSD mean to you personally? What kind of insights have you gained from it?

A: LSD means to me the world. It has changed my life in all of its aspects. I certainly became a entirely different person the day I met this lovely chemical. That's why I work hard, sometimes even too hard, to spread it all over the globe. This including some places which you'd never expect, like wartorn countries.

Q: What motivated you to go underground?

A: I believe that everyone should be free to choose what to do with their own life, since we only get one shot at it.

Q: When did you start working for NamasteLSD?

A: I've decided to join Namaste team after ordering successfully for a long time and after creating a really good relationship with the team.

Q: What market did you first start on?

A: The first market that NamasteLSD joined was Empire Market.

Q: What changes do you perceive on the Darknet?

A: I think that the darknet is like aviation. After each incident it only gets safer. What we do out here is the future for a world free of street violence. We need to continue our mission, educate people and help everyone liberate themselves through anonymous trading and information exchange across all artificial borders.

Q: Did you change as a person since you started doing this job?
A: Undeniably, yes. From a vendor's perspective there's a lot of very hard work being done to fulfil the high demands that the world has for drugs. It's a quite tiresome job specially dealing with impatient customers, but in the end it's also very satisfying. The danger of this work also changed me. It's constant pressure to perform.

Q: Where do you think the Darknet is headed?
A: As NamasteLSD, we want to see a world free of drug induced street violence, gang slavery, and a peaceful resistance against the war on drugs. We also believe in technology to solve issues like impure and dangerously cut substances. We're at the frontier of a new era.

Q: Do you have plans to drop BTC and support Monero exclusively?
A: Definitely, I think that BTC has its days numbered in the darknet, we're planning to offer discounts to XMR orders within our next shop update.

Q: You're basically an enemy of the state. Are you not scared of what may happen to you?
A: It's impossible not to be scared, since LE is dedicating a lot more resources into fighting darknet vendors rather than fighting serious organized crime like Cartels and and the Mob. We pray for the best and also take very good care of our security. If you are not scared, you become reckless. Never let your guard down. Watch your back.

Q: We talked a bunch about Honor and Karma. What are your views on that?
A: If you cultivate negative things, you'll harvest negative things and if you cultivate positive things, you'll harvest positive things. Be careful with your attitude and don't be a jerk.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring vendors?
A: Don't delay your suppliers payments. Always test your products before you ship them to your customers. Follow OPSEC strictly and always look for improvements and prepare yourself to deal with a lot of FUD once you become a established vendor in the market.



I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at pygmalion@infantile.us.
Please register your own E-Mail address for darknet purposes at http://oq7t5ihk4qew5t5s4zghicigokh2ktt575amirsbnilmyawpme6xmyyd.onion


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