First NFT Minted by a Darknet Market

@starwars - Apr 5 2022

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Incognito Market recently minted an NFT named "Incognito: the First 10000 Punks" on Opensea and Rarible with a signed message proving the authenticity of the token.

The market well-known for it's utilization of cryptopunks as avatars, is also a darknet marketplace that has been online for more than an year now. In their anniversary post a few days ago, we can clearly see that Incognito Market is not quite similar than it's counterparts, rather a community-oriented and innovative one instead.

Minter of the NFT, currently anonymous, claims that the avatars in the NFT image are the first 10 thousand generated on the site. A PGP-signed message was provided in the collection that identifies the contract address as an "official reseller of incognito market collectibles", full message is as follows.

Hash: SHA512

Official Reseller of Incognito Market Collectibles
Contract: 0x58028bb555a873254c3110edcb23c3090751da75


If the above message is true, it might be an addition large step taken by Incognito Market, a market well-known for innovation and their courage of standing up against the government. There previous attempt, Antinalysis, a free and public blockchain analysis tool, caused media outroar and a large impact on the crypto community. The current development might have a similar impact. Guess we'll have to wait and see when and how the bombshell drops.

View on Rarible:

View on Opensea:


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