Kingdom of Atlantis

@Flamingo - Feb 14 2021

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Atlantis Market was a special breed.

Launched in 2013 as one of three markets existing at that time (the others being Black Market Reloaded and Silk Road), Atlantis made its mark on the scene with its dramatic and aggressive marketing tactics. One of the most notorious of these was their creation of a corporate-stoner YouTube video advertisement, which received thousands of views before being pulled offline by YouTube staff for breach of policy, but not before one of the administrators announced that the video had brought them over US$1 million in on-market transactions. It was also the first Darknet Market to accept the cryptocurrency Litecoin, which has since become one of the more popular altcoins used in cryptomarkets.

In between dragging Silk Road malcontents and bright-eyed newbies to their market with their showy attitudes, the Atlantis staff also got in a few spats with their rivals, although by the time of their shutdown it seemed that opinions had changed and Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road's Dread Pirate Roberts) was said to treat them with a grudging respect.

Although Atlantis left a notable dent in the ecosystem, they shut down after a seven-month run in September 2013, apparently spooked by the recent Operation Onymous and pulling an alleged exit scam. This left the way open for Black Market Reloaded, Silk Road 2, and a rash of new markets inspired by the new fad of illicit digital economies to flourish.


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