A Peak Behind the Curtains with William Gibson

@Pygmalion - May 20 2021

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Dear Darknet Community,

I am a small psychedelics vendor and had the opportunity to talk to William Gibson about the newest developments in the Darknet scene. He shared some deep insights to be published here.

Q: What's new with Versus?

What do you think about our new signature drug?


Yes, it is cocaine, and probably among the best you can get. Another 100 kilos out of the latest shipment. I can't get into details but we already have a few high volume user on Versus which brings me to your next question:

Q: Do you have any plans to help bulk vendors with certain features that don't exist on other markets?

A totally transparent and verifiable multisig payment system is the most important feature we offer to make Versus a viable option for real bulk deals. We are currently the only market with a true multisig solution which is why professionals trust us with literally millions of dollars in escrow. Or more precisely: They don't have to trust us because they can control and verify. No trust necessary. If you lose money it is because you messed up and not because we or anybody else stole it.

Our flexible commission system makes it very reasonable to move bulk business to Versus as we charge proportionally less on bulk deals than other markets with a semi-fixed commission. On high value orders we charge a fee as low as 1% but 1% of a million is still better than 5%-10% of a thousand low value orders.
Locktime transactions are another feature that no other market provides right now as far as I know. Even if Versus goes down vendors will still be able to get their money for all shipped orders after the 90 days locktime. They also prevent situations in which we manipulate payout transactions. We could manipulate them of course but your locktime transactions would still be valid and usable. As long as you verify transactions and signatures, you won't lose any money on exit scams anymore.

Q: Where do you think the big changes on the Darknet are right now?

I think the biggest change recently is that finally markets that doesn't keep up the status quo and try to make it all "easy to use" are in charge now. Maybe people are just fed up with half baked markets that only want to steal your coins after a few month of runtime.

Look at White House Market, Monopoly and Versus. We all do things differently. We all do things differently compared to other markets and maybe most important: we go new routes.

A few years ago WHM's monero only and forced PGP policy was unthinkable of. People would just use another market. It is not like nobody ever tried. Look at Libertas Market for example. However Monopoly with its userless direct deal system and in depth vendor vetting is something new that has never been done before as far as I am aware. Versus forced multisig isn't new either but its exactly what the darknet needs with the current exit scam industry. I believe if we could fuse those 3 markets together we would have THE DNM standard of the future.

There will be a market in the future which will build on top of the base we provide right now. New standards. Higher standards. Once forced PGP and XMR Multisig among other features become the norm there will be less "easy to use" shitmarkets around praying on your coin. Less exit scams means a healthier ecosystem. Protecting vendors is good for everyone because on the long run its the user who suffers from exit scams even more than the vendor.

Customer who think vendor protection doesn't benefit them and that multisig only really benefits vendors totally miss the point. Due to their laziness to use mulsisig, vendors lose a lot of money each year but ultimately it is the customer who pays the bill. One way or another a vendor has to make up for all the lost money and customer pay the price either literally by paying more for product or by getting inferior quality product. Multisig is healthy for the whole ecosystem and the only way to end this shitshow of an exit scam industry.

I don't want to badmouth any specific market but the "easy to use" thing is exactly not what this whole business should be about and the only reason markets still go this way is because of laziness and greed aka fast-money, preferably within a year or two and then run away with the escrow pot. Their priority is not to provide a secure platform but to get as many users and vendors in a short time and build up the escrow amount. Look at the last 2-4 years and think about how many markets exit scammed in that short time frame then think about how many of them labeled themselves as "easy to use". Even relatively promising markets.

This is not amazon and we are not selling cookies (most of the time). There should be a certain entrance barrier. Not every child and/or complete retard (please excuse the non-PC-baby lingo) should be able to buy heroin on the internet. Using PGP or BTC MS is not exactly rocket science and you sure don't need a Ph.D in computer science to learn it either. You don't even need a high school degree. I would claim that EVERYBODY with a somewhat working brain is able to learn both PGP as well as multisig in less than a day IF they really wanted to. If you really can't wrap your head around it, you are mentally probably not mature or healthy enough to use certain drugs in the first place. I am not putting myself in a position to judge about who should or shouldn't consume drugs though. All I say is people who buy drugs should have a certain understanding on how it works around here. It's not a funny video game where you can restart if something goes wrong. People should start to take this whole thing serious for everyone's sake. Lives depend on it. Lazy customer endanger not only themselves but also vendors and markets. If all this Tor, PGP, Cryptocurrency talk confuses you why don't they just go to their local corner boys to buy what they want? They are "really easy to use", total no-brainer. Cash for drugs - deal done. I mean where to draw the line? Isn't it already too complicated to use crypto at all? It is easier to just wire money from your bank account or paypal right? And tor? Why download an extra browser. How complicated. All this hidden service stuff. Why not clearnet markets where we can shop from within an app on our fancy iPhone? You get my point I guess.

Q: I feel like mr_white's move to close vendor registrations was a brilliant idea because the vendors on his market are likely able to serve more customers coming in. That means the pie is getting bigger as well as the pieces on his market. That builds a rich and quality vendors brand for WHM.

That was indeed a good move. We planned to go private as well as soon as we hit a certain benchmark. It is just the way to go and makes not only the support work easier for the staff but improves the quality of the whole market in general. However we wouldn't close down completely. New vendors would still have a chance to apply if high level customer vouch for them. Pretty much how CGMC worked.

Q: What is the DDOS situation right now?

Believe me the DDOS shitshow is still a thing partly thanks to a certain ex-exit scam market and their tireless efforts to cripple other markets for their benefit. You just don't notice it that much because we all learned a lot and to be honest we have to credit the Tor project the most because they actually really fixed a lot of issues and made it a lot harder to ddos now. Not impossible but a lot harder.

Q: Thanks for all the content. It's really good stuff. Also thanks for the insights. It is good to have someone to talk out here. Shows that you care about vendors. What's your philosophy?

Versus is built for vendors because we care. There is not a single staff member here without a vendor background and like I already mentioned I believe by protecting (honest) vendors interests we actually help the whole ecosystem on the long run.

Q: Who were your intellectual predecessors and whose work did you admire?

That's easy. Hansa, CGMC, Agora, Silk Road, Evolution, Alphabay, DHL in that order.
Hansa because it was the first market with forced multisig and a major inspiration for us.
CGMC because it was such a beautiful market with awesome CSS magic. Also because they retired honorable and because they added vendors on user suggestions. You couldn't just apply. Customer had to vouch for you.

Agora because it was an amazing community and because they did the right thing and retired honorable despite being a centralized escrow market.

Evolution because it was a really good market and it literally brought DNM's to new levels. Fuck 'em for making exit scams a big thing though.

Silk Road because of DPR mostly but also because of the community back then. It was smaller but it felt like family. Silk Road wasn't really a good market though. It worked barely. But that's pretty much it. Its more the ideological aspect of SR that inspired me.

Alphabay because it was a damn good market and because Alex was a visionary who wanted to go new ways and not only relax on the status quo. A true darknet entrepreneur.

DHL for being an invite only Market known for exclusivity. A shame it got hacked.

Q: Last question: Any last words for the reader?

For further information, consult your pineal gland.

...and a tip for media: every time you write "Twitter reacts" Satan slams Joseph Pulitzer's dick in a door. Think about it.


I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at pygmalion@infantile.us.
Please register your own E-Mail address for darknet purposes at http://oq7t5ihk4qew5t5s4zghicigokh2ktt575amirsbnilmyawpme6xmyyd.onion



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