KickAss: A hacking forum on Darknet

@Ghostwrite - Mar 7 2021

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Kickass is one the oldest, reputed and affluent hacking forum on the darkweb. The forum is private, new registration are approved by staff members, and an alternative to Russian hacking forums like, Mazafaka, etc. KickAss is one of the best hacking forums exclusively for English speakers, specializing in malware, exploits and hacking tutorials. It gained a solid reputation among many hackers and threat intelligence agencies, and grew massively after the downfall and closure of some notable English hacking forums, like Dark0de, Hell forum and marketplace, 0day, BackBox, etc.

The forum was temporarily closed by site admin, after a hacking group, TheDarkOverLord, leaked 9/11 documents and started hiring hackers on tweeter. This gained negative attention from the law agencies towards KickAss forum, as a forethought site admin closed the forum. Everyone believed that KickAss has gone permanently but site admin brought it back in December, 2020.

Undoubtedly, KickAss is a good forum with high-quality content,there are staff verified sales and staff verified hackers. However, 450 dollars registration fees is bit high for darknet users looking to learn hacking and general cyber security content. On the other hand, Exploit Russian hacking forum, considerably the best hacking forum to date, is only charging 100 dollars at the time of registration. KickAss forum also DDOSed rivalry forum Torum


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