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@Pygmalion - Aug 11 2021

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Fellow colleagues, distinguished members of the press, ladies and gentlemen.
It is with great honor that I present the following interview with /u/barbaresco to you, a grand and noble audience.

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Q: Why did you first come to the Darknet?

A: Before I came here, I spent about 2 years lurking to get familiar with the Darknet. I did my research about products, sites, prices and things available. Then I read up on operational security before I even got involved in discussions. When I started vending I was already a veteran Darknet user.
That all came out of being as you call a real life dealer for many years. When I heard about the Darknet, curiosity drove me to see what all the buzz was about.

Q: What kind of products do you vend?

A: Speed is our main product. It is Dutch pure speed paste. Besides that we always have stocks of other things. Ask us about Indian hospital grade ketamine and MDMA crystals. Upon demand Coke, LSD, 2C-B and whatever else you can think of can be found and sold. Simply send me a message and I will do the magic for you.
Though keep in mind, we only sell bulk. In our books, 100g is small time. Big fish only, please.

Q: What is your shipping procedure?

A: We ship mainly from NL, but we have products in other countries as well and can ship from there in special circumstances and requests and mostly emphises on EU-EU shipping. Tracking will be provided immediatly and we offer express shipping with next day to max 2-3 days delivery.
With our experience and our connections found ways to stay clear of like 80% of customs checks within EU, so we offer something special. We are professional and only deal with other professionals.
While we focus on the European market, we will serve particularly valuable customers world wide. Simply message us to find out if we are a good fit.
Upon demand we can arrange private transport via our courier services for VIP customers.
As you can see, we are big time. The Darknet is just a side business for now. The Darknet is small time compared to the real world, but want to find out if this is something we would like to put more focus on,

Q: You make some controversial posts on Dread. Would you like to tell us a little bit about it?

A: Hahahaha, for sure.
Let's start with my mistake. I threw some words around. Some people are fake and I should should not have called those customers or buyers. That is on me and I own up to that. My apologies to all real customers out there.
Still, I stand by everything I say and will say it again and again. We are real gangsters and the shit we have to deal with out here would never fly in real life.
You people on the Darknet have to realize that you are playing with fire. You would never have the courage to walk up to a dealer and speak to them the way you speak with online vendors here.
Many of you set up deals and never follow through, you're just bullshitting and wasting time with non-sense.
Okay, I understand that it can be exciting to engage into a deal with a vendor about moving bulks of product. You got to understand that this is not a game and if you would do that in real life, you would not walk this earth for long. Hold your end of the deal up and don't ghost your business partners. It is simply disrespectful.

Perhaps I have done real life for so long that I have trouble to the keyboard bitches on here. Honestly though, I do not think I am the problem. I come here to bring money and business to build something big and help the community grow. We bring stuff that nobody else can.
If you could talk to my customers in real life and even on here, you would get the same answer from all of them. I am a no bullshit person who does the work, respectfully, honestly and with humility towards those who actually wish to engage in business.
So when I rant, it should be taken as a friendly warning that you cannot do this shit without consequences. In short, be real to be treated real. Be fake, and get shot at.
We real vendors put our lifes and freedom on the line for you to be able to get what you want! This ain't Amazon, so quit bitching like you are talking to some poor Indian support guy called Steven.
You are speaking to a gangster. Someone who may go to jail. At least have the courtesy to give some respect. You expect them not to give you up when they go in, right?
Those who say it is unprofessional to say what I say: You are wrong. Fucking hell, Pygmalion, you are not selling tanktops on Etsy. You are selling drugs that compromise your freedom and life, So customer relations can never be even compared. Drug customer relations are right in real life and fucked up on the dark in my opinion.

In short: Nobody would get away with the bullshit people pull off online and someone needs to tell them.

Q: What is your business philosophy?

A: Simple mate, a deal is a deal. Only promise what you can deliver and if you cannot, than do not promise anything. If I break the deal, I pay the cost and it goes the other way as well.

Q: Is dealing in real life as dangerous as everyone says it is?

A: Of course, I would assume so. Saying anything else is ignorant and oblivious to the risks you take upon when starting to deal in real life.
The Darknet is dangerous too, mind you. Neither should be underestimated. Many people go to jail for being careless. Even pros fail and get busted all the time.
There are no guarantees.
I have had guns pointed to my head, knives swung at me, though. That's another level of risk you do not find on here.
Here it's just keyboard warriors spreading non-sense to harm your business.

Q: What technologies are you using in real life vs on the darknet?

A: In real life I use the most important technology of all, my brain !
Admittedly, it's not bullet proof but the most important thing you have to resist is not getting fooled by money and profits in each deal you make !
What I mean by that is, usually best deals are the ones who yeald less profit but are long term.
To be straight with you: No computers or smartphones are involved in real life deals. Face to face is the shit because you need to look people in the eyes to read them. Yes, you got one burner for each deal in case communications are needed but keep them at minimum usage. Use Tor, don't mention or areas and have a buffer in another country for receiveing your messages and forwarding your replies if you can. Using a buffer is a pretty good thing to have especially when making first time deals with a new buyer.

Q: Do you feel more protected on the Darknet?

A: FUCK NO! What a horrible pithole of amazing shit that goes on there .
You never know who you are talking to. Police, real customer or some crazy person up to no good.
So no, I do not feel safer here at all.
At least in real life I can move around, even though its a hard life never staying more than a year in each place. I don't have the stability to start a family. It is the life i have chosen so no complaints about that.
Personally, I would like to be able to change identity on the Darknet on a monthly basis but that doesnt really work since it is hard to establish yourself as a vendor there. So I don't know how long really I will keep that on, to be honest. It is a nice expirement and experience for now.

Q: You say you have a private transport. Can you tell us more about this? How does it work and what are your requirements?

A: We can go basically anywhere where it is possible for a vehicle to go to in Europe. Prices vary country to country. It depends on how many borders we have to cross also.
It is strictly big big bulk only. We can do a mix of drugs too.
To put it simply, we evalute every offer and if its worth the money and risk we do it.
MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Risk taken is our risk. If the product doesnt arrive, we pay all loss and you get deposit back. We have a strict pay on delivery rule. So until the product is delivered all risk is ours hence the price :)

Q: Got any tips for aspiring new vendors?

A: Yes. Stay in school and keep out of this shit. Drugs will be legal anyways in max 10 years.
If you have your mind set on this, follow your gut feeling. When you are not sure, do not get fooled by numbers and greed ! Learn how to walk away from the deal of your life if it brings a bad feeling.
Hard thing to do, but your brain is always gonna be your most important business partner.
If you dont have a brain, well guess I cant help with that.

Q: Got anything else to say?

A: Haha, I would love to, but I am not gonna rant here and invoke more controversy ;).
Just remember that honesty pays off in this business. Be carefull and do not get fooled by deals that are too good to be true. Nobody sells pure product under value and everything costs. Even if your vendor takes the bus to drop off your letter/pack, that should be calculated into his product price. If its not something is not right :).
Nothing is free, particularly in the world of crime.

Peace out and Ciao



I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at
Please register your own E-Mail address for darknet purposes at http://oq7t5ihk4qew5t5s4zghicigokh2ktt575amirsbnilmyawpme6xmyyd.onion


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