World Market : The enthusiasm of an emerging crime lord

@Researcher - May 18 2021

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Most black market drug lords stay away from interviews and researchers. But Lovelace, the admin of World Market, isn’t most drug lords. Lovelace’s darknet service, World Market, allows anyone to buy and sell all kind of black market items, drugs and digital products, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero, using the anonymity software Tor to protect their identity. Tor is designed to prevent security researchers - and anyone else - from tracking the location of a website's servers or the admins running such websites. Cryptomarkets also mitigate the risk and dangers of buying and selling drugs on the street. Drugs sold on Darknet Markets are vacuum-sealed and discreetly mailed via Postal Services, securing the identities of sellers and buyers from law enforcement agencies.

Lovelace is very confident about his OPSEC (operational security)  and the anonymity protection package he gets using Tor browser; however, he refuses to share any details about World Market's internal functioning and any information about the website and its staff members that might even remotely help law enforcement identify their team. If Lovelace is paranoid, it's because many powerful agencies really are out to get online drug lords like him, as has happened with Alpha02 and Dread Pirate Roberts. In the last six and a half months World Market has grown into one of the Web's busiest bazaars, alongside White House Market, for weed, MDMA, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, crack, cocaine, LSD, stolen credit cards, digital accounts, carding guides, et cetera.

Speaking to our author, Lovelace told us that his website gets 2-3 K new registrations daily and he is extremely satisfied with the overall cash-flow and on an average World Market is processing 1.5 btc transactions daily. Our team wasn’t able to verify the claims, if these claims are true, World Market is the biggest bitcoin processing market operating in Western Darknet. Our authors used another investigating approach to verify these claims and contacted some well-known online drug dealers. As we promised to the vendors, we aren’t revealing their pseudonyms as that might jeopardize vendors business relationship with other market admins. Those vendors told us, they get higher number of overall sales on World Market compared to few other markets, excepting White House Market. Some of them said, they like World Market because it gives them good traffic and high number of sales in very short time but we suspect them and can’t trust the market admins. However, vendors agreed that bitcoin transactions are real, as vendors themselves make huge profits on World Market.

Running a Darknet Market isn’t only about creating a secure website, launching it on Darknet, announcing it on Dread. There are many troubles market admins face. World Market also faced troubles and accusations. We did a through research about the allegations on World Market. Here are our findings;

Phishing attacks:

Phishing attacks are very common against crypto-currency markets. Although, avoiding phishing is users responsibility, albeit, it also impacts the market. World Market is using Alphabay Market and Empire Market layout, which is phishers cheese curd. World Market admin told us that phishers have stolen more than 200K from his market. Phishing is a very big threat, Dream Market and Empire Market were prime target for the phishers. Now, they are focused on World Market. Versus Market and White House Market are able to defend most of reverse proxy phishing attacks. Phishers are able to steal more than 10 million dollars in recent years without getting caught.

Suspected Icarus Market:

Icarus Market was a short-lived Darknet marketplace. It exitscammed and stole couple of millions from Darknet market vendors and users. World Market was banned by Dread admins as admins suspected it to be operated by Icarus staff members. However, ban has been revoked recently and World Market is allowed back on Dread forum and Recon- a multi purpose search engine for market and vendors. The site is also indexed on, which is known for doing proper investigations before indexing a site, specially if its a market. We communicated with many darknet users, everyone shared their opinions about World Market and we get mixed responses. Some vendors were hardcore supporters of World Market whilst some suspect them as shady organisation but doesn’t think it’s run by exitscammers. However, none of them was able to provide any proper evidence that World Market is Icarus Market. In case, we find anything in future, we will report it. We invite users to provide evidences to support their claims. Every Darknet Market is alleged to be run by previous exitscammers. Its not a new thing on Darknet. Innocent until proven guilty, as of now World Market is free from such claims.

Accused to be run by DDoS attackers

DoS attacks against rivalry darknet services are very common in darknet ecosystem. World Market is accused of running by DoS attackers and suspected to launch DoS attacks at other rivalry markets, including Dark Market, Torrez Market, Dark0de Reborn Market, Versus Market, White House Market and even Dread forum. Although, it could be possible that a market attacks other markets, however, these claims has not been supported by proper evidences. Furthermore, every market has to face such accusations. Speaking to our authors, Lovelace told that World Market is always under heavy DoS attacks and those attacks impact entire Tor browser. He said we focus on running our site and keeping it online, as we’re a very small team, we don’t have time for entering in market wars. Lovelace also added there are two markets who attacks us but we don’t care about them.

Speaking to Darknethub’s main admin, Lovelace told that he started his market after knowing that Empire Market was extorted by DDOS attacks, extortionists are harming our underground world, I entered in Darknet Market scene, to protect vendors from losing coins and protect darknet services against DDOS extortionists, he added. DDOS attacked killed the longest lived market Dream Market

Troubles with other markets:

Competitive market owners don’t like one another, reason is very simple, lust for making quick money and becoming bigger. Business envy is natural but some markets take it to personal levels. According to World Market admins, atleast two markets openly hates World Market. We did some investigations and we found its real. However, these things are part of game when you run a market.


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