dark.fail compromised - Darknet under attack!

@Pygmalion - May 1 2021

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dark.fail has been compromised. Do not use it for links any more!
The links on there are phishing links now. That means all coins spent there will be stolen.
It used to be the number one entry point for clear net users to find onion links. Just recently, it was compromised by a phisher.

Many other places are under a concentrated DDoS attack right now. This may be linked to the hack of dark.fail to make more people visit it and grab their phishing links.

Spread the word wide and far.
Don't get scammed. Keep a list of onion links offline on your computer or USB.
Verify links you visit with PGP before you use them. Otherwise you will be scammed eventually.

Hash: SHA256

EMERGENCY: DO NOT TRUST THE DOMAIN 'dark.fail' RIGHT NOW! My domain name was hijacked by a phisher. Darknetlive is also hijacked. Do NOT trust links on dark.fail or darknetlive until we regain control! Install Tor Browser and use "darkfailllnkf4vf.onion" to access my site. Always verify PGP /mirrors.txt!

My .onion I am in full control of. I am in control of all of my servers and all of my keys.

It appears a phisher transferred our domains from Nja.la to Namecheap without my permission despite 2FA being enabled on Nja.la. If your registrar is Nja.la be very careful right now.

I urgently need the community's help in contacting Namecheap and Nja.la to give me back control of my domain.

Do not send any emails to "hello@dark.fail" until further notice. Do not trust any links on my clearnet site. I am working to regain access to my Twitter.

Only contact me using these methods:

Email: darkdotfail_alternate@protonmail.com
Jabber: darkdotfail@jabber.calyxinstitute.org

Attacks like this underscore the importance of my site's existence in the first place.

Researchers, journalists, activists, be safe.

I am working tirelessly to restore clearnet service.

Sorry for the disruption in service and trust.


On Tue May 4 2021 the administrator of Versus market released a public statement that the phishers reached out to him.

Bug: We are behind the DNS Hijacking of dark.fail and many others
We have collected 1000s of your users logins & if we cannot make some kind of arrangement we will start leaking these over Dread, Avengers, DarkBin and Reddit.

Here is some samples of the logs we have collected we have not included any good accounts because we are monitoring and waiting for these to make deposits on our link:


We are on jabber if you want to talk : phishkingzofficial@xmpp.jp”


I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at pygmalion@infantile.us.
Please register your own E-Mail address for darknet purposes at http://oq7t5ihk4qew5t5s4zghicigokh2ktt575amirsbnilmyawpme6xmyyd.onion



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