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@Witchman05 - Apr 18 2021

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Based on the Simple Machines forum software, The Majestic Garden (or "TMG", as it is commonly known) is a high-level forum for discussion and sales of psychedelics, entactogens and cannabinoids. It has numerous claims to fame, including its strict registration process and its hosting of some of the top-rated psychs vendors in the entire Darknet, from GammaGoblin and his resellers to Team Trust.

The registration process for The Majestic Garden is simple: 90% of the time, there is no registration. Opening only rarely at the staff's discretion, each registration is submitted for review by the staff. If you don't use the tippy-top PGP standards and follow their strict rules, your application gets thrown right out.

Launched around 2013-2014 along with its sister site, the Hub, The Majestic Garden is still going strong with conversations and commerce taking place in large numbers every single day.


You know what keeps The Majestic Garden incentivized? Donations. You know who also takes donations? Ya boi. Buy me a beer with the BTC address below.


Godman666 (5 stars):
I approve this message ! Long live witchman ! Bless allah !

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