Hacking Forums on Darknet

@author420 - Feb 11 2021

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Darknet is a often considered as safe haven and hang out place for hackers, both ethical knows as white hats but mainly unethical knows as black hats. Hackers and cyber criminals take their security very seriously because they are always target for agencies as they break cyber security laws. Hackers love attention and Tor becomes very trivial tool for them where they can get appreciations for their skills without reveal personal details about themselves. Generally, hackers use hacking forums to find their clients and to interact with other hackers. Hacking forums are used by hackers to hone their skills and learn new things along side of experience hackers/pentesters. Here are some Darknet forums catering to hackers and cyber criminals.

Dread: Dread is a community forum, it has everything for researchers and Darknet users, from day to day drugs to research chemicals, from hacking to fraud tutorials, and thousands of other things. It covers hacking but its not specifically designed only for hacking, rather it's a conglomerate for many different communities, one of them is hacking. Dread also offers sub-communities to cryptocurrency markets, hackers are always scanning such markets to steal money from on-site wallets or to get bounties from the site-administrators.

Kick-Ass forum Kick-Ass is a private and invite only hacking forum on Darknet. It's an old hacking forum and covers wide range of information about tech and cyber security forum. Some of the content shared on the forum is highly illegal which makes it as a prime target for research and law agencies.

Cryptbb: Cryptbb is another old hacking forum. The forum has private section for verified hackers and public section for cyber security enthusiasts.

HackTown: Hacktown is very unique Cyber Security and hacking University. It caters to users who want to learn without reading hundreds of posts on other forums. It's a read only forum and resource site. It has both free and paid membership.

Helium: Helium is a cyber security forum and fraud marketplace, it's a market plus forum, which is now one year old on Darknet. Forum is used by many cyber security researchers and black hats.

Exploit.in: It's a Russian hacking forum, paid membership. It's full of cyber vigilantes and black hats. Hackers sell almost all kind of illegal stuff on this forum. The members of Exploit.in are verified by the forum administrators.

Torigon: Torigon is a forum which connects both Russian and English hackers. Torigon is a community forum and most of the content of the forum is written by the users.


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